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Hello Reflections Fans!

Welcome to the New Website!

We hope that you’ll take some time to discover this extraordinary series. The About page contains some fascinating information and video about that series.  The Photos & Interviews page contains photographs of past exhibitions and interviews of Kevin concerning the series.
The Contact Us page contains a message from Kevin and contact information.  If you are interested in scheduling “Reflections On A Pond” exhibition, you can contact Kevin or Linda.  
Be sure to check out the “Reflections On A Pond” montage, which is located in the column on the left.  Turn on your speakers and listen to music specially composed by Grammy Award winning musician Wayne Johnson.   Above the montage in the left hand column are some of the many journal entries that are contained in Kevin’s book, “Reflections On A Pond: A Visual Journal”.    At the top of the column on the left are some of the paintings of the series.