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Hello Reflections Fans!

Ambassador Macpherson

Travels to Guatemala

On August 2, 2014 along with Xela Aid, Kevin Macpherson and Ryan Lanese,
members of Art Ambassador For A Colorful World arrived in
Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. It is fitting that we aimed to connect such a
place with art. The environment is a living canvas, from the lush
greens rolling over the mountains, the endless fields of maize, to the
beautiful hand made garments worn by the Guatemala women. A 45-minute
bus ride separates us from San Martin, the village where our friends at
Xela Aid have been doing incredible work for the last couple of decades.
They have turned previous despair in to treasure trove of opportunity
and hope for the future. They give hugs and joyous greetings. There is
something that can almost be described as magical about the affection we
received by people we had never met in our lives. Though I had come
with the intention of making an impact, it quickly became clear that the
impact was to be made on me.

Enjoy this video of Macpherson’s trip

You may recall that Macpherson held a painting session at his Relections On A Pond Exhibition in Middletown Ohio.  This experience inspired Macpherson to work more with children.